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Originally Posted by skydive69
Hell yes I object to that method of timing. I was in a road race last month that I won. This particular place used chips the day before for two time trials - they worked great. The next day, they installed the chips again on our bikes for the road race. Everyone was keying on me, because the day before, I had turned the top TT time out of over 100 competitors. I did most of the pulls because no one would work. I came over the line first holding everyone off. The announcer asked that the top ten finishers report to the officials desk. I was informed then that I had won the bronze medal rather than the gold medal that I earned because the interval that I beat the alleged gold and silver medalists by was less than the starting interval. IOW, if they crossed the start line 10 seconds after me, and I only beat them by 9 seconds, they won. Hello? USCF rules indicate that everyone gets the same start time on mass start. I pointed out, that I could have hung way back at the start line, very quickly caught up with the front pack, and then kicked butt with the nice time bonus I awarded myself by starting slowly.

I have protested, and I am awaiting the results. The Florida Sports Association is on my side, and the boss indicates that I am the winner, but my bronze medal belies that fact.

As you can see, I am no fan of chips for non TT events.

Skydive, that is nuts! Im assuming this was not a USCF race?
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