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Originally Posted by thelung
I feel the same way. I am also someone who is not car free yet but would like to be. On most of my rides, the only adults I see are getting into or out of cars. I have never seen anyone else ride to the grocery store I use, and have to lock my bike to the shopping cart rack or a hand rail beside the store. I live in suburban hell. Yesterday on the way back from shopping I saw some cyclists, but they were all in spandex and probably laughed at my grocery bike with a packing crate on the handlebars.
Hey thelung, does VB in your location by chance stand for Viginia Beach? If so, I know what you mean by "suburban hell" I gre up there, but now live a city over, definitly suburban hell, but very car-free-able if you don't mind riding tons of miles a day to get around
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