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I battle spiders way too frequently...wolf spiders (pictured), huge black widows...this one was an epic. He was chillin on the side of our wash-mashine in the garage. I saw him point at me, laugh, and run to the back of the machine . I looked back there and saw him, got my brake cleaner (no need to waste money on fancy repellents), gave him a shot, and he lunged at me. I was swinging at the fences, brake cleaner consumed the air...he was tough but I finally overcame him. He was big, and dense enough you could hear him 'thumping' as he scrambled toward death. We actually moved the dryer (where he finally came to rest) the next day so I could show the girl...she thought I was being 'dramatic' about his girth and viciousness... as you can plainly see, it could have easily been I who perished.

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