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the worst i had was a large flying American cockroach in my bathroom. As I was sitting down on the toiler and all the sudden i hear a buzzing sound, but couldn't see anything. Then ten seconds later it buzzed again. Right as i flushed I heard the buzz for a third time and actually ran out with my pants around my knees. Took me a few more seconds to realize what was making the noise.

The damned thing was 1.5 inches long, and it took quite a bit of raid spray to kill it. ugh
Originally Posted by zitter View Post
broke a spoke during my ride today and my wheels are practically brand new! wtf!

it was on my rear wheel which is a white industries h3 hub, sapim race spokes and velocity a23 rim 28 hole. i had them built up like 2 weeks ago. this shouldn't happen
Who built it? FWIW, wheels can lose tension in the first 500 miles (even with destressing and all) and go out of true. If it keeps on going the spoke will lose all tension and snap.

Save yourself some anguish, buy a Park Tool tensiometer, and learn how to do true and tension wheels. Very soon, you'll be building your own.
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