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Originally Posted by Triode View Post
I'm new to biking.

But I think titanium is not a perfect solution, any more than carbon. I have used titanium in other fields.


If titanium was the greatest thing since grits you would see a lot more of them out there.

Since you asked
Agreed 100%. It's just that I liked titanium's feel better (could be a function of the specific bike I tried), and the idea that it's more durable and strong is very appealing. That's why I lean that way.

OTOH, as you said there aren't many of them out there. Probably because Ti bikes are *really* expensive. Hence the question: is there anything seriously wrong with Motobecane? It's so cheap, but why aren't there more of them, or Habaneros (sp?), on the trails? Am I taking a risk not going mainstream etc.

As for resale... I'm not really that concerned about that. I've had my current road bike for 11+ years, and I'm anticipating a long use time for the new one too (if it turns out to be a good fit, andI should know that in a short time).
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