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Originally Posted by chocula
I've noticed that riding my bicycle to the grocery store, library, restaurant, or the minor league ballpark is a solitary experience (unless my wife comes along). Mine is usually the only bicycle locked to the shopping cart corral or parking meter out front.
I thrive on solitary experiences, its one of the reasons I like to bike. The one reason I don't like the bus is the someone always insists on chatting with you.

As for bike racks, complain when there isn't one. Chances are someone else would like one there too, and if a few people complain the store may install one. Are there any city by-laws requiring bike parking, or at least suggesting it?

I may have to call one of our local malls and complain even though they have tons of bike parking... its still not enough! I counted 40 bikes parked under the attached office building, and I had to circle the mall to find a spot at one of the other 3 bike racks. I'm starting to miss the cold weather, it was much easier to park the bike. I had the same problem downtown yesterday - plenty of bike racks, all full.
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