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I like it lonely. It means I can park my bike right outside the door of my local market. I get miffed when there is another bike there already (although begrudgingly, it's good to see another utility rider out there). Plus I don't have to put up with idiots on bikes putting me in danger because they think legal riding doesn't apply to them. Loneliness is a good thing.

As to bike racks, make sure you check to see if there aren't some already in existence and avoid the embarrassment. I've had aggressive phone calls and various complaints at meetings about the paucity of bike parking rails around my city. If only people would open their eyes*.

* Yes, you might have to hunt around for them, and look in the least obvious (amd sometimes least secure) places. And the racks might be disguised as fancy sidewalk furniture or art. But they could well already be there.
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