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Maybe I'll actually train next time, too.
You didn't say how much training you actually did. I've done the ride a lot of times, and others, and I do a lot of training by myself. This is serious business and I don't recommend that anyone attempt the ride without proper preparation. Proper preparation is a different thing for different people, for me to do a century it means I have worked up to at lest 80 miles in similar conditions previous to the event. There are probably people who do a 40 mile ride and then go to the HHH and do the century, but others that try this don't make it. I had a different outlook when I first started biking, I thought I could just try harder and keep on going. Then one day I tried a 50 mile ride and ended up getting hauled in by my neighbor's pickup. That day I experienced the "bonk", also known as "hitting the wall". I got to the point that I couldn't pedal the bike at any speed so I got off an walked. I was too tired to roll the bike alongside of me so I hid it in the weeds and kept walking. I laid on the grass at an apartment complex for a couple of hours, then made it to a convenience store where I could use the payphone. That day taught me that people do have limitations and you do have to train up to your event.

I also recommend making sure your equipment is in top shape before the event.

I'm not picking on WO2W but this is an example of what can go wrong and how it can affect your outcome. I've trained a lot in the heat and I never worry about riding no matter how hot it is, but there are lots of people that put their health at risk trying the event without proper preparation.

As for 120 miles + 100 miles + whatever- my riding friends decided they would get into ultramarathon cycling. I remember they would do things like ride 200 miles from town, stay in a hotel that night, and ride back the next day. So again it's just a matter of your training.

As for this year's ride, my training was behind because of a serious accident I was in so I stayed home in the air conditioning. I've ridden the ride before when it topped out at 90F, and other times when it topped out at 106F. I suspect that this year was hotter than average.

Oh yeah, another bonk story that I think is humorous-
I had been riding for a long time when one of my co-workers decided to take up cycling. He was young and in good shape. He played basketball and so forth with his buds so he thought cycling would be easy. We went together to a metric century ride that started about 80 miles away. It was a tough day with a lot of wind. After I finished I looked around and didn't find him, after awhile I saw him riding in on the sag wagon. He had seriously bonked and was completely out of energy. We had ridden in his car but he was too tired to drive so I drove back. After about 20 miles we stopped in another little town for a snack. I ate a burger but he couldn't eat. I bought him a big drink and he could barely look at it. He had a big date that night so he had to call and cancel, and he said he spent the rest of the day laying on his couch.
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