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I wasn't blaming the chip and seal for the wheel issues. Obviously thousands of other wheels did just fine (though lots of people in line for the mechanic also had broken spokes). Rather, the chip and seal exposed the issues I already knew the wheel had. I actually raced to change tires on my two wheelsets to use my commuter wheels for the ride, but then remembered that my commuter had one of those late 80's uniglide cassete hubs, not a freewheel. I usually forget because it's a 6-speed and I never had a reason to get the cogs off. Part of the disastrous day of just trying to get out of town and to the event. That pretty much set the tone for the next day.

As far as training, I had been putting in some distance rides, but not what I would call enough. I still felt good enough at 60 miles, but I'm sure I could have felt better if I had trained more specifically. Just to get some psychological revenge, I think I'll put in a century with some friends once the temps get back into the 90's. We've been doing night rides lately anywhere from 40 to 60 miles. But night is a heck of a lot easier than in the day. My commute it 7 miles one way and I usually treat it as a sprint. The afternoons have been killer for months, so that's helped with the heat training.

Speaking of which, time to go get my commuter bike back together. Got to get to school somehow in the morning!
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