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The infamous riding buddy speaks out...

Yeah, I was riding my commuter rig (Surly Cross Check, size shorty, sans fenders and rack ) and my rear Ultra Gatorskin gave up the ghost at mile 6.25 (3000+ miles on that tire), but a nice guy, whom I've never seen before or since, let me borrow a tire (Bontrager Race Lite) (I left it hanging in the window of his.. uhm... bus?) to finish. I made very good time, like WO2W said, right up to mile 70 or 78. The heat just started to beat me down, though, and my pace really dropped. I finished in a shade over 8 hours. The first 60 miles took me 4 hours, including the technical problems, the last 42 miles took me 4 hours (My cyclometer says I spent 5h22m pedaling ay 19.0mph )

My "training" (hah!) consisted mostly of 20-25 mile sprints when I could get them, and a couple long rides over the summer (50-63 miles or so). The last distance ride I did was 61 mile mini-tour in upstate NY with my dad. (That was a LOT of fun. Riding with my dad was great! Working on the bikes before leaving made me feel like a 10 year old kid again )

The HHH is the longest ride I've ever done. My previous record was 67 miles at the Denton Turkey Roll. (which I didn't particularly enjoy)

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