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The plate at cambria is not what you need. What you need are a pair of these adapters (look 3-bolt patten shoes to TIME 4-bolt); expired auction.

All the modern time pedals use cleats that are incompatable with the original equipe cleats, most every reference to time cleats I find online is for the new stuff. Probably best bet is to watch e-bay or else find a LBS that has a pair of the adapters collecting dust.

Probably cheaper to find a vintage pair of TIME shoes in your size rather than buying all the cleats and adapters seprately. What you should look for is a 4-bolt pattern on the bottom of the shoes, two separate cleats on each shoe. It appears that there are a few pairs of old TIME shoes on e-bay fairly cheap since the 4-hole cleat system is an orphan. such as these;

Time pedals were very highly regarded when they first came out. THey were the first clipless system to incorperate float and had many vocal advocates such a Lemond. They were also fairly expensive compared to LOOK pedals. I never used them but it always seems like my friends that did use them had constant troubles and warranty claims with small parts breaking and falling off, sort of like early shimano STI shifter!

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