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Trying to stay upright.
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voided warranty on what?

I have a spin bike. It is a very good quality one. Spin bikes are very durable and heavy. They are made to stand up to several hours a day of health club use, so they are definitely sturdy. Mine cost around $700 used. For me, it is worth the price, when I figure out "cost per use", but as the thread a few days or a week or so ago pointed out, spinning and cycling are two different things. I need the extra security that I can get on a spinner because I do not have good balance yet following my long re-hab from hip replacement. The spinner lets me get a good workout without the danger of wiping out. It uses a lot of the same muscles as cycling, but since it is so sturdy, it does not use all of the little muscles that allow you to keep your balance, and keep your bike upright. For me, that is good. For a biker with normal balance, it might actually set you back some. Dunno. I would love to hear more about this topic, though.
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