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Originally Posted by CCrew View Post
Also account for the fact that the prevailing winds are west to east
Depends where and when. E.g., in some states during the some months, the prevailing winds can be out of the southeast. Remember, we are talking surface winds, not the jetstream.

OP: Regardless of direction, one option is to use local shops. Have a shop at either end professionally box and ship your bike to a shop at the other end, where it can be assembled and tuned and ready to ride. If you have stove, put it in a ditty bag and have the shop pack it along with your bike to avoid any problems with the TSA. We have used shops for two loop tours far from home and it has worked fine. The extra cost is worth it to us. The bikes are ready to ride when we arrive. At the end of the tour, we drop the bikes off and relax before flying home. Boxing a bike for shipping at one end and having it reassembled at the other end is going too cost you what? $75-80 max (plus shipping)?
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