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First crash on new bike

I thought I could slide my ride in between the storms last evening. However, about halfway through my ride it started to really dump the rain. I must have rode over something really sharp as my front tire received a very large nasty gash.

Anyway... the tire flatted really quick and as I went into a turn on the wet pavement - I took a hard fall. As I am unraveling from the bike (just bruises for me), I am already looking for damage on my Scott CR1. Aside from the scuffed up shifter (Rival) and pedal (DA) nothing was terribly wrong. Shifter and brakes are now realigned and my bruises will heal.

I replaced my stock Conti Ultra Race with a new GP4000s from my LBS. However they only had one in stock. Does anyone know who has the GP4000s on sale? At $67 from the LBS I need to find a good online source for the mate.

I hate the first scratch on a new bike!
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