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Originally Posted by miamijim View Post
Shipping: A 69cm frame may or may not fit in a 130" box with the fork removed so you need to 'dry measure' the frame. Width is going to be 7". Add 3-4" to the length and height to compensate for the box and packaging material. Your probably looking at a 31" tall box thats 40" long so thats 118". Ship it USPS parcel post. Get an actual quote first, add $10 for shipping materials and use that number in your ebay ad.

Fees: 10-13% by the time your done. If your running a fixed price ad take this into account. Something selling for $300 will put $260-270 in your pocket. For the most part using ebay to host your pics isnt expensive so it just depends. Using an outside host like Photobucket saves $$$ but its more of a hassle. Weight the pros and cons against the price of the item.

Trial run: Sell a few whimsical items just to get a fell for how it works.
I think the OP has a frameset with cranks on it, not a complete bike...
And everyone please stay as far away as possible from shipping frames or bikes via Parcel Post. High chance of damage, ditto UPS Ground, to a lesser extent. Stay with Fed-X Ground for frames and bikes imo, (they are almost always the lowest-cost option, too) and for the frames, try to stay in a box that is under 108 inches girth plus length (probably very difficult for a 69 cm frame, for sure impossible with the cranks still attached, and I would never ship a frameset with the cranks attached, regardless of size, fwiw).
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