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1989 continued mixing the fades and solids. The Master fade was grey marbled, the Expert fade was blue smoked.
The solid Master was all red, and the solid Expert was all black. Suntour GPX hung on the Experts, and Shimano 600 on Masters.

One way to tell an '89 is the black Tange Levin CD headset, and the bottom bracket was back to Tange in '89.
The Araya Super Hards became CTL-370's, so named because the rims purported to weigh 370g each.
Centurion said there was a geometry change in '89, but there has never been any proof other than what owners think.

And lest we forget, some people like their own colors and schemes....



There may be others.
It's a phenomenon, after all.

Ironically, Alan Goldsmith, who had a hand in the design of some of the later Ironman models,
can't quite understand all the fuss. He is truly surprised by the bike's popularity.

Me, I never get tired of looking at 'em.
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