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Originally Posted by qmsdc15 View Post
$260? It's funny to read that you think spending $260 on a vehicle is splurging when you have a car that cost about 100 times that much.

Congrats on the new ride. It will pay for itself quickly if you use it instead of the car to go to work, class, gym, and grocery store.
Well I bought my car used 8 years ago and spent 5 years paying for it... so yes it was very expensive, 40 times the cost of the bicycle but it's paid off and has been for 3 years. I don't plan on buying another car until the wheels go square on this one and really would just prefer to live in a place where a car isn't required. But as I'm a full-time student who has always had to pay their own way it absolutely was a splurge. Granted I say spending $50 on shoes is a splurge too I'm just very frugal.

I'm super happy with the $250 I paid for it (I offered 230 but she said she was selling it because she was broke and couldn't go below 250 because of bills and I just realized I wouldn't feel proud of walking away for $20 difference, especially when the LBS was telling me I was going to spend $500 at least out the door before a rack and fenders).

And I never knew there was another trek 7.0, sorry.

Our weather just decided to get colder today as we barely hit 60 and had a steady 20mph... Winter's are long in Iowa but I'll try to stick it out as long as possible!

Any suggestions on brands that are good for fenders and racks? I keep running into topeak and bike planet (something like that).... I want sturdy first and formost.

I do want to share something that I saw today while I was walking to class and I must admit, I liked their thinking...

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