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Originally Posted by ColombianGT View Post
Woah! $260? That's a damn good price! Where the Hell was this bike when I was searching?? Seriously.. my budget was $300-$400 I ended spending $510 out the door for mine which was originally marked at $699.99 and on sale for $549.99 but received 15% discount. I still ended going over my budget.
I did luck out. although I have been looking for months now. I hear ya about the whole LBS pricing where you are spending over $500 with markdowns and no extra gear. I about had a heart attack the first time I went into a shop. I was sort of laughed at for not knowing that, and I was especially afraid of spending that much money when bikes are stolen so much here (as I have had two stolen from me). Not this time though, I'm double locking it. I really like the mirror on it as well... I'm not entirely certain what the bicycle computer is going to do for me, she mentioned something about the internet but I just wanted to get out there and ride my new lil beauty.

One slightly dumb question. Any suggestions on the best way to lock up your bike to deter theft? I have a U-lock and will soon be buying some sort of cable lock (suggestions?)... any photo examples? I plan to pretty much always use two locks... I'm not chancing it. Also one thing I notice around here a lot is I hear of people getting their bicycle seats stolen, is this something i should be worried about... I guess people are now taking them off and putting them in their backpacks while in class.
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