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Originally Posted by TStwahine View Post
I'm super happy with the $250 I paid for it (I offered 230 but she said she was selling it because she was broke and couldn't go below 250 because of bills and I just realized I wouldn't feel proud of walking away for $20 difference, especially when the LBS was telling me I was going to spend $500 at least out the door before a rack and fenders).
And I never knew there was another trek 7.0, sorry.
No need to be sorry at all ... I was just mentioning it
The "FX" series is Trek's hybrid series so it makes more sense to say that you've got a "Trek FX" than to say you've got a "Trek 7.0", especially since the "7.0" is in indication of the quality of the components and once you start upgrading those you no longer have an actual "7.0" but simply an "FX".

To give you some perspective of how little $250 is for a bike ... for that kind of price you have just one Dura Ace rear derailleur.

About the saddle being stolen ... you seem to have a quick release saddle holder there.
Ask yourself the question: do I need to be able to quickly change the position of my saddle? The answer most probably is: not at all.
In that case get a fixed saddle holder with a bolt ... thieves will at least need an allen key then to steal it.
To make even more sure you could change the bolt out for some type of security bolt, for which a special tool would be required ... like the triangle bolts or the hexagonal bolts with a pin in the middle.

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