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Thanks for the suggestions guys! And Rider98 I actually do have a cat (and my roomie has a dog) but she is pretty awesome. She acts more like a dog than the dog (husky/austrailian shepherd mix) which is why I chose her breed specifically. Siberian cats are the 2nd largest cats next to maine coons and they are known to have dog like personalties but even more important people with allergies can tolerate them because they tend to have a lower Fel-D1 protein count in their saliva (Im allergic to cats) so she is the first cat I haven't run screaming to the bathroom to wash my eyes out after petting and accidentally touching my eyes. You can actually vacuum around her, she's not particularly shy or scared of anything. I love dogs, but at this time in my life a cat is far easier to take care of and if i leave to CA its not hard getting someone to take care of her (not many friends want to walk a dog in the dead of winter)... I probably wouldn't ride around with the tidy cats either, but I liked where their mind went and how they were rather innovative.
I will check with performance cycles... Im willing to spend a little more to get quality and sturdy... are these any good?
I didn't want to go over $30 but I will if there is a significant difference between that and the other one.

Rider98- that would be awesome! I could easily paypal you some money for that, you have been so incredibly helpful, if it wasn't for you I actually wouldn't even have this bike so if anything I should be sending you something (perhaps one day I'll be able to repay you somehow).

Back to studying chemistry, I love how they show examples of the test breakdown from the previous year and over 91% of the students (688) in the class got a question wrong... 639 choosing one particular answer...and only 6 getting it right... what does that tell you? The things we do to try and become doctors.
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