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Question RE Hydraulic Disc Brakes

So, I keep seeing these Rube Goldberg cable-to-hydraulic disc brake adapters in interbike coverage (see pic). I've also heard racers say that they don't run disc brakes because the only ones that work with road levers are the lower-end cable actuated ones.

My question is this: why not run flat bars and MTB shifters/levers? Somebody must have tried this--I just don't understand why I've never seen it on a top-level racer's bike.

I have never raced cyclocross, so I'm aware that this might be a stupid question. But think about it: with a slightly larger (longer top tube) frame and a long stem, the position would be right, and it might even be better for technical sections, etc. I don't see any disadvantage. It might even be lighter weight.

Can anyone lend some insight?

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