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Experience with pedal extenders?

One of my biggest annoyances with getting back into biking is my "duck feet". Some lucky people are pigeon-toed, but my natural, comfortable stance has about a 30deg angle between my feet. As a result, I'm never comfortable on my pedals.

When I first got my road bike (Trek 1000 with cages) back in May, my short-to-mid-term solution until I could go clipless was to take a boxcutter to some old running shoes and hack off the inner flared soles. That certainly helped me stop banging the cranks, but still I found myself always riding with my right foot half off the pedal.

Half the pedal * same force = twice the pressure = major numbness, so one day I tightened the pedal strap to pull my right foot in. The numbness mostly went away, but I went on a 50mi ride with some more athletic buddies, and 20mi in I started to feel pain in the outside of my right knee, which became debilitating by 25mi. I told my buddies to speed along without me, and limped home at 10mph, pushing only with my left leg.

The googlez told me that the right foot adjustment was certainly the culprit. Fortunately a few days' rest and my knee was all better, I loosened my strap again, and was back to before. (Since then I have bought some mountain shoes (Forte/Performance Traverse) and borrowed some pedals (double-entry SPD), and am still trying to get used to them)

BUT, just yesterday, I was trolling the BFs and discovered Kneesavers! The testimonials are amazing, but $48 ($45 + $3 s/h) for essentially two nicely machined bolts is a lot of money, so I was going to wait and research a while longer. Fortunately, my research led me to a $20 ($15 + $5 s/h) option, which I instantly ordered, and have high hopes for. Best case, no more knee pain ever (especially when I win the lottery and buy some Speedplay Frogs); worst case, I should at least feel more comfortable and natural on my pedals.

The kneesavers website says they solve problems that are "very common with larger men and women cyclists with wide hips or who weigh more than 230 pounds." Sound familiar to anyone around here?

So I just wanted to make other Clydes aware of these things, in case they might be the answer to a problem you didn't realize you had (or maybe did realize you had). And maybe get some useful info from anybody who has had success (or failure!) with these.

UPDATE: here's a pic of the pedal extenders I eventually settled on, read below for more info...

That picture was taken while my bike was on the top of my minivan, mounted to the DIY fork-mount rack I made...

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