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Wow Neil_B, that's really long (that's what she said!)

Are those Kneesavers brand or something else? How much extension do they give you? The standard (smallest) kneesaver size is 20mm, but it looks like you use longer.

chef, I'll certainly post my experience once I receive and install my extenders, but my hope for this thread is also for others to chime in (like Neil!)

Leebo -- longer bottom bracket? So you mean put the extra spacing on the inside of the cranks rather than the outside? Are there extenders that do that? Or do bottom brackets come in different lengths and it's OK to have them sticking out of the frame?

(I've never understood the term "bottom bracket". A bracket is not a thing, it's a thing you put another thing into or onto. So when people say "bottom bracket", all I can think of is the hole at the bottom of the bike frame into which you put the thing(s) that connect the cranks (those things being what everybody calls "bottom bracket"))
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