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Originally Posted by Mithrandir View Post
I was born with the opposite issue, right foot turned inward at like 15-20 degrees for some odd reason. I was able to overcome it by watching my feet and mentally placing them straight at every step, now I do it naturally. I did however pick up a nasty habit of staring at my feet while walking... heh

Anyway, during my youth, I learned that if someone is going to make fun of my physical defects, then they're not really worth getting to know in the first place. In that respect, I never saw a need to hide my defects... it makes judging a persons true character that much easier.
Understood. I was praising the Iron Chef. I've come across too many people who here and in person who make too much of something that I worked around. Best comment in that vein was the observation that a BF poster was surprised "a person like you" could ride a bike.