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Good news: those pedal extenders which I ordered Friday morning were shipped in 3 hours (Yay Niagara Cycle Works) and delivered today (Yay UPS)!!

Bad news: I don't own my own pedal wrench, or even the right size box wrench (my 9/16" is just that much too small, must be 15mm)

OK news: Using an allen wrench I was able to get the right pedal off (there's a hex hole on the tip of the pedal exposed through the crank), and install the right pedal extender (which is the more important one for my personal asymmetry). It's dark already, and I didn't want to try any kind of real ride with only one extender (sounds like a recipe for messing up my skeleton), so I just took it up and down the street.

It feels very good. In the past few weeks that I've had SPD clipless and MTB shoes (Performance/Forte Traverse), my right foot has been feeling very Varus or Vulgus, whichever one would mean that the outside of my foot is doing all the work, and tendons above the outside of my right ankle not feeling good. I was thinking about making a homemade wedge out of cardboard to beef up the left side of my right insole.

But with the right extender, I have an unusual, but pleasant, sensation of pushing outwards, instead of straight downwards. My whole right foot feels pretty comfortable, squarely on the pedal with even pressure. I'll try to borrow my buddy's pedal wrench tomorrow night and take a little longer test drive.

As for the extenders, they are beefy! Black metal instead of stainless steel (seems like the same kind of black metal that constitutes the wrenchy part of my pedals), they feel quite heavy, and they have (on all 4 sides) flat edges that my 3/4" box wrench works great on (maybe it's supposed to be 19mm, but the 3/4" seems plenty snug). So maybe a Weight Nazi would prefer to pay bigger money for more refined (lighter, shinier) extenders from, but for a Clyde like me, an ounce or two here or there doesn't make a difference and I prefer a lower price.

Not only are they thick, they're also long (that's what she said!). They give me a whopping 28.5mm of extension! recommends starting at 20mm and working up if that's not enough (and they have a $5 restocking fee exchange policy if at first you buy the wrong size). Hopefully these 28.5s work for me, because there were not size gradients on offer at the Amazon/Niagara Cycle Works storefront.

More info when I get both of them on and take a longer ride!
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