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Originally Posted by Chris_W View Post
Why are so many companies going to so much trouble to setup cross bikes with hydraulic discs? Cable-actuated disc brakes work great, and don't require these conversion boxes or any messy maintenance. Avid BB-7 brakes are the current standard model of cable disc brakes, which I've used successfully on a few different bikes. They are easy to setup and adjust. They are not so light, but hopefully Avid will launch a higher-end version which is better in that aspect.

Hydraulic discs are a pain to do any sort of maintenance on - who needs the hassle when cable discs work very well?
Yeah, hydraulic brakes can be a pain to work on, but they also require near zero maintenance.

Also, my cross bike is heavy enough that I'm not really worried about the weight of the braking system, I just want something that's less of a pain to deal with than Canti's or V-brakes.
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