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Originally Posted by flargle View Post
It's not stated explicitly in the cyclocross section, but is part of the general rules. I forget the exact wording, but there's a drawing of a bike with drop bars.

Frischknecht rocked flat bars until it was forbidden. I think 1998 was when he won a sprint for second in Worlds on flat bars in Montreal.
Decided to look it up, actually took a while to find
1.3.022 d) Structure
In competitions other than those covered by article 1.3.023, only the traditional type of handlebars
(see diagram «structure 1») may be used.

It goes on a bit, but no flat bars in UCI mass start road and CX races.

And elsewhere
Comments on Article 1.3.022:
Only the traditional type of handlebars is authorised for use in massed-start road races, cyclo-cross and track
competitions (except for individual and team pursuit, kilometer and 500 time trials). The attachment of any
additional handlebar component or extension is prohibited. The area of the point of support of the hands on
the handlebars is defined by the diagram below:
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