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Just coming in on this one, having been linked to it from a newer Torpado thread.

The second bike is NOT a Torpado, as the serial number style and location is no match, and the seat stay/seat cluster treatment is completely different from any Torpado I've documented ... and I document each and every one I come across. I'd look to some other brand, perhaps Lygie. Lots of marques used those similar looking fork crowns and window lugs at that time, such as Atala, Olmo, Garlatti, Aquila, Willier, Lygie, and others As for one of the previous posts that mentioned Garlatti, that's the first I ever heard of Torpados being re-branded as Garlatti. Where did this idea come from? The Garlatti bikes I've seen also do not look like Torpados to me, but I'd be interested in seeing one of it does. Till then, I'm gonna have to disregard that notion. Mark A.
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