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Originally Posted by gerv View Post
I did the same thing last year with my Instep trailer. I worried that the stupid chainstay clamp just wouldn't hold or would tip me and the trailer. I bought from the same outfit you did. My only problem was that the Instep had a square pipe and the flex connector is round. However, it has held up for over a year and twice weekly trips to the grocery store.
Sounds like you bought the round connector for a square pipe. I'd bet the square connector would have fit in your square pipe better, just a guess though.

Mine originally had the chainstay clamp. It held fine, I just didn't like how it chewed up the paint on my chainstay. Also, when I tried to use it on my Raleigh 20, it didn't work too well because the small bike wheel puts the hitch arm too close to the ground (the clamp sits below the level of the rear axle), thereby tilting the trailer passenger/s forward. Using the Burley forged hitch, I can put the hitch upside down on my R20 and the hitch arm sits high enough (above the rear axle) so the trailer is level.
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