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MossHops, what would you consider decent distances? I'm thinking a neighborhood bike to replace a car. roughly 1 to 2 miles for groceries, daycare, etc. With a rain protector it would be a way to get the little one to daycare in the winter, or hit nearby paths occasionally in the summer. I still think the Big Dummy (which I own) is best for fast, long trips with the kid or picking up a ton of awkward cargo, but the boxbike seems like a good fit for kids in front, socializing, making neighborhood trips, etc. There are hills in the neighborhood and we will go the occasional long distance (over ten miles).

I was planning to pull the trigger on a CETMA frame when this bike came up on Craigslist offering the opportunity to do the boxbike at a totally reasonable cost. I think I would get the whole bike for the half the cost of the cetma frame and box delivered. The big question is, in this case, am I getting what I pay for? Or am Ig etting a deal on a bike that will do the job I need it to?
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