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Based on your setup, I would wager that you would be using the Big Dummy in most situations, unless you absolutely have to use the Box Bike. That is, you'll probably use the box bike for the really short trips in bad weather, and then the big dummy for most other things. The BoxBike is just very upright and a bit tight for the rider, so that will probably push you to the dummy for any longer trips.

A couple of reasons I went to the CETMA is that I know the kids are in the boxbike style age bracket for a relatively short period of time, so I wanted a bike that I could drop the box and use it as a real cargo bike once that age range is passed. Also, CETMA's are relatively cheap to build as all the parts are standard mtn. bike parts with the exception of the front wheel. My CETMA build will end up being about 50% more expensive than a boxbike. That includes box and rain canopy, a Nuvinci N360 hub and disc brakes. The only things I am stealing from my mtn bike is a seat, stem, handlebars and chainring.
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