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A couple of other thoughts:

1. The BoxBike is better sized. It's at least a foot shorter than the CETMA Largo, but the box is wide enough to carry two across.
2. You asked about distances that are comfortable on the BoxBike. Personally, I'd go about 3 miles at most on it. For the CETMA, I'm contemplating a camping trip (23 miles each way).
3. My quote on the CETMA build doesn't account for the "heavy demoed" discount that I got on my frame which saved me $250.
4. That being said, you can build up a CETMA for cheaper than I did with a regular derailleur, and smaller brakes (I got 203MM discs). I'm trying to build a bike that my wife will ride occasionally, but if it was just me, I'd run a 1 x 9 setup.
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