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As far as sizes, I'd check out some of the pictures. Here's the boxbike review (positive review, but look at riding positions, etc.): Here's another review that would be very close to how I would review the BoxBike:

The CETMA has a lot more room for both rider and passengers:

5-9 miles would be tough on the BoxBike, I think, but every rider is different. Like you, I was very torn between these two options. The BoxBike is definitely the cheaper of the two, and you probably could make up most of that money when you sold it as it's the cheapest box bike available and that's going to appeal to a lot of people. At the same time, The difference of frame quality is also very apparent when you ride both.

Trying to be as fair as possible. Joe is a great guy and his shop built my wheels and gave me the leads on a box builder and rain canopy. They are great people. Lane at CETMA's a great guy too. That's why I was happy to throw business to both of them.
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