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Help Choosing a Career/College Major?

Hey all, I was really hoping you could help a fellow biker out with your thoughts.

I'm currently in Computer Engineering as I do enjoy working with computers. the only thing I've come to fear is that I am far insufficient for the math requirement in this field (not that I'm terribly incompetent, I am currently in Calculus 2) the field requires extensive work in math throughout all 4 years of study and I am not even sure if a heavy mathematical career is something I will enjoy.

So here are my skills, I am a proficient writer and tend toward enjoying the research side of things, I am a tinkerer in every type of mechanical and electronic device imaginable, I have a problem solving mindset, I unfortunately though have a very poor memory and have a type of ADHD affecting anxiety (yeah, ADHD may be over-diagnosed, but that's what thats what they tell me).

Please help me, I've been feeling down lately that I will always be good in a lot of things but never excel in any productive area and I'm trying to make my way in the world as I just moved out this year. What are a few careers I might fit into?

Thank you all very much,
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