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I graduated in the Computer Engineering program at my school, and for me it was either that or Computer Science (less math, more programming). Computer Engineering isn't only the signals and systems part, though it is a large part of it. There is a lot of embedded stuff that you can do too, which is a lot of fun. If you're not liking the EE aspect of Computer Engineering you may try out Computer Science and see if your school offers some of the embedded systems classes, or robotics.

For my senior project I did some fun stuff with robots and a motorola microcontroller, but for work now I'm doing programming and no emedded or hardware stuff at all - and I'm still really liking it. For me I choose CE over CS because I know I can learn the software stuff on my own time, but learning the math was harder for me and I wanted the help of the teachers. I still don't like the signal analysis part of CE at all.

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