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Even though winter has not yet showed itself around here, this is what I usually wear:

- Buff windstopper or the insulated hood ski jacket
- Buff windstopper (2) around my neck and over my nose (I love these things)

- Icebreaker Merinowool base-layer and sweater
- Either a primaloft insulated gore-tex ski jacket
- Or a down liner with a gore-tex hardshell (more versatile)

- If it's -10C or colder some merinowool leggings
- Waxed windresistant hiking trousers (quasi-casual looking)

- Smartwool hiking socks
- Leather hiking boots (Hanwag Yukon)

- Gore winstopper gloves (up until -5C when winter preogresses)
- Gore-tex skiing gloves with fleece inner gloves

The perfect gloves are a bit of a personal quest of mine. I'm going to experiment with a few different liners this winter to try my personal best combination.
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