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Originally Posted by xn7 View Post
there are a lot of nice centurions for sale, just saw two 85 ironmans on craigslist this past week and 1/2 alone and a facet as well too bad they aren't my size.

so what is everyone using for yellow grip tape around here to match the centurion yellow (on the lemans rs)

I'm using the local shop's Bontrager Gel Cork. It's cheap, easy to wrap, and matches both the Lemans RS yellow, the "Miami Vice" Ironman yellow, and my Paramount OS-7's golden yellow lettering....

.....and is the lemans yellow the same as the facet yellow? Not quite, it has less of a gold hue...for that, I use Fi'zik that was a nice surprise from a BF member.

Robbie, your Facet looks great by the way, how do you like the ride compared to your steel centurions
Thank you for the compliment....that bike came to me due to the watchful eye and helpful nature of Pastor Bob in New Hampshire.

The ride is just about the same, either the fork or the bars give me a slight hand numbness problem. I'm thinking it's from the bars, as they are the only Nittos I have, all else are Cinelli. There's a slight feeling that the bike is lighter, but the geometry is a bit different, so I really can't tell. It's probably a better criterium bike than an Ironman, but the Ironman is the road winner, for sure.

It rides very much like a steel bike and nothing like the Cannondale R800 I once had. The bars sort of tell you there is a 6061 aluminum fork up front, which I would have treated with a nice CF fork I have, but it didn't fit. It's a little edgier than an Ironman. Nice frame, but it lacks the refined glide of an Ironman.
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