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How did I not see these responses until now...

2manybikes, I replaced all the quick releases with things that you need a special key to open - I had my bike locked the Sheldon Brown way (with the U-lock on the back wheel, frame, and rack and a cable running through the front wheel, frame and rack, then attached to the U-lock). Should I be locking both wheels of my new bike together even if there are no quick releases on it?

I have been checking craigslist and ebay periodically...GRVR6, when you (or your son) saw the bike on craigslist, what did you do?

hadeone, my LBS is great and I love them...and even better, they just moved two blocks away from my apt. If you're in Park Slope, definitely check out 718cyclery on 5th and Union. They are helping me get things set up, but I will no doubt be using these forums as a resource! One day I'll build a bike all by myself...then I'll know I've made it!

My friend gave me her old cruiser to ride...Ive never ridden a cruiser before and it was SO very different...I rode with her into Manhattan because she was nervous about bike commuting and I felt like I was going to die going over the Manhattan bridge. And I know there are no slow bikes, only slow riders, but DAMN. That cruiser was slow...

Thanks for the encouragement!
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