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The Beauty of Walmart Bikes

I know many here might disagree, but you've just got to admit, nobody really ever criticizes Walmart bicycle frames. However, they almost always complain about how Walmart bikes don't function.

Well, just exactly what is it that makes bikes function, or work, or move?

It's their components!

Walmart frames are usually just as strong as any other bicycle frame, given the same material. However, their componentry is absolutely deplorable. That which should be steel or aluminum, is plastic. That which should be machined within certain specifications is only approximated. Quality control is almost nonexistent. Mass production of cheap component parts to install on Walmart bikes has been the standard for years. In many cases, these components will not last for any respectable period of time with daily use. Both Walmart and their component manufacturers are aware of this fact. However, do you think that they care?

No, absolutely not!... Why not you say?

Because the rule and standard of the day is profit! Emphasis is not placed upon the quality of the goods or services, to be delivered or made available, to the American cyclist. The Walmart focus is primarily centered upon their profit margin. Walmart asks, "Where in this line of production can we profit the most?"

The huge profit in Walmart bicycles lies not so much in the production of their bicycle frames, but in the production of the cheap components that are attached to those frames. All of their components are cheap knock offs or flimsy substitutes of the quality that should be there, instead.

If we thoroughly examine the handlebars, the grips, the shifters, the brakes, the derailleurs, the wheels, the tires, the seats, their posts, and the chains, you will see inferior materials throughout. This is where Walmart makes its profit and this is where it suffers the most in customer satisfaction.

I believe that if you were to immediately change every single component on each Walmart bicycle after purchase, it would last at least an additional ten years. Unfortunately, what happens, is that once a cheap bicycle lapses into disrepair. Few owners are willing to pay for repair when the approximate cost of the repair, is close to the price of the entire bicycle. The bike then just becomes scrap metal.

The business of Walmart is all about profit and there is certainly nothing wrong with profit. However, when we use inferior components that are known to be rendered useless only within a couple months, that would appear to be criminal. When we offer no customer service or satisfaction to accomodate the victims of such exploitive practices, then that should be viewed as a felony within the eyes of the law.

So we Americans do indeed have the inalienable right to condemn Walmart for its use of cheap componentry installed upon their bikes, and their lack of concern for the American consumer. We do indeed have a right to complain about Walmart's lack of customer service.

However, I think at this point we should reserve applause for the beauty in the strength of their bicycle frame, until their componentry approaches its level.

I strongly suspect that the only beautiful thing that Walmart does with regards to its bicycles, is their strong frame!

- Slim

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