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Originally Posted by chasm54 View Post
What nonsense. Walmart, and their equivalents in other countries, typically sell frames that are cheaply constructed, of cheap, thick tubing that is vastly heavier than it needs to be and is poorly welded, too.

Why do you spend your time posting such rubbish, and at such length?
Hi there Chasm54!

So what do you mean "cheap" tubing? Most of Walmart's aluminum bicycles are made of 6061 aluminum just like that you'll find in most LBS.

What do you mean "thick" and "heavy" tubing? How does tubing being thick or heavy contribute somehow to its inferiority? If anything, the strength and stiffness of aluminum actually resides in both the diameter and thickness of its tubular walls, for bicycles. Of course, just like all the other aluminum bicycle frames we find in all LBS, the mass of the thick and oversized aluminum tubes, is a direct consequence of their construction.

Therefore Chasm, I wouldn't call it rubbish at all. I would rather call it the naked truth about the strength in Walmart's bicycle frames.

- Slim

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