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Originally Posted by mymojo View Post
The name dropping is for a point of reference, thats all.

By your own admission the welds are probably better and the quality control is tighter. Therefore, under the same circumstances one should be extremely surprised if the Wal-mart bike outlasts either of the other examples.

If the welds are better, the quality control is tighter and the frame is lighter, then by definition, it is a much higher quality product.

If your theory held water then all the guys in the 41 would be riding Denalis with Di2. But they're not. Ask yourself why only you, and not the entire biking culture, have figured out that Wal-mart frames are as good as Felt or Cannondale....
Hi there Mymojo!

I never said that they were just as good! Where did I say that?...

I did say that they're just as strong. Perhaps in many cases, even stronger, because they are grossly overbuilt!

They're tubing in many cases is wider and have thicker walls. That means stronger and stiffer! It also means, greater mass or weight. That's something that Specialized and Cervelo are focused upon.

- Slim


Sorry about the name-dropping bit...

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