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I was constantly jumping around between the 44 and 32 in funny shift patterns as I didn’t like cross chaining off the 44 to the extent I was. What I found was for me the 42 on my original crank matched up with the 12-36 perfectly for my riding style. Once that light came on I couldn’t change back to my old crank set fast enough.

I solved the 22-32-44 mtn crankset problem differently than this. I swapped the 32 for a 36 and grabbed one of my old road FDs (for a 42-52 double crankset) and it shifts the 22-36-44 quite well in friction mode (obviously). I just had to loosen the high gear limit a bit . Even the 22 to 36 shift is good. Good enough for me anyway. Now the gear range is great with a 11-34.

Actually 11-34 sucks, because the 11 is worthless to me. Around here I have no need for high gears like that. Flying down hills is not my thing -- that's a young man's game. The 44 X 14 is plenty, and I'd rarely use it.
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