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Originally Posted by IntoTheWild View Post
2011 7.5

If they can't be cut, then I'll just have to get new bars. Not a big deal I guess.

BTW, cutting the bars was somewhat of a secondary objective. My primary goal was to swap the strange Trek grips out with some Oury mountain grips. But if the bars can't be cut, then I'm guessing Oury's aren't going to fit. So I'll definitely have to get a new bar.
I have a 7.3 with those same bars, you can't replace the grips or put bar ends on them. Trek has been promising bar ends that will fit for about a year but so far hasn't delivered. There is a thread over in Hybrids about it.
In fact you can't use much of anything standard with those bars, I had to modify a small Zefal bar end mirror to get it on mine (don't like the big Trek mirror that fits). It's a pain, I've considered changing mine, but haven't decided what to put on.
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