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Originally Posted by JohnDThompson View Post
Ofmega also used 118mm BCD on some models. Zeus was 120mm BCD, at least the six cranks and 2 dozen+ Zeus chainrings I have here are 120mm BCD.

Sutherlands 3rd/4th edition has a fairly comprehensive BCD chart for vintage cranks.
Thanks, I knew there was another one besides SR but had forgotten it. Incidentally there was another model of SR Apex with 86mm BCD which was interchangeable with Stronglight 99.

I have to admit I don't have as many Zeus cranks and chainrings as you, but the ones I do have are 119mm BCD, not 120. It's funny, but I can google "zeus chainring bcd" right now and find them listed or described as 116, 118, 119, 120, 121 and 122. As close as I can tell they are exactly 119, not just closer to 119 than 120.

My old 1974 (1st edition?) Sutherlands does not list BCD dimensions, apparently it was not common to describe chainrings by that dimension until later. Back then you would just say that Zeus did not interchange with any other brand. I never bought a newer Sutherlands - they always seemed too expensive.

Incidentally relatively recently (3 years ago) I came across this picture of what appears to be a 144mm BCD Zeus crankset (note Campagnolo chainring mounted), I never knew that existed until then, and have never seen or heard of it anywhere else.

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