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I think this is all very generous of you, but why not take a deep breath and put the pieces together and give eye to how it best looks? Your initial thought about added cut-outs or sculpting was correct. Not so much radical as in harmony that best takes advantage of the Stronglight especially model 93 arm design. Both artistically and structurally. As its bloody strong by materials, Id lean to some play with the art.


Of course, its easy for me to say, as its not my skill set to do this design, let alone CAM, work.

Measure twice, cut once. All that sort of stuff.

As for Zeus. Sutherlands 6th says 120, but Id almost come to believe 119. Id offer to measure the one NOS Zeus ring I have, but youve seen my advanced talents in this regard above. (!)

Zeus also did have, 100% certain as I've seen several, a model with 144bcd. Their true Campy clone.

Finally, I offer an image of the minimalist triplized crank actually the only triplized crank I have.

I have been waiting, for many (8) months now, for a frame that is still with the refinisher in Yorkshire, England. I have the entire build, with lots of redundancy options, in hand minus only the brake levers. I hope this frame comes . . some day.

I bought the arms cheap. Sent to Bob Freeman at Elliot Bay Cycles in Seattle for drilling.

This image is more for contrast. The idea that a C&V triple can be elegant. The Stronglight star pattern suggests much more intricate possibilities.

I mean, this one is pretty cool, and that's only the first we've actually known.

Model 93 outer rings will look quite different, but so do other 122bcd rings.

Andy, I hope this is useful. As for Sales rules, Id call this a group project that looks like a few prototype costs will be shared. Eh? If a sudden crush of demand looks to launch a new career track for you, we might revisit that. IMHO, obviously.

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