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Originally Posted by LeicaLad View Post
As for Zeus. Sutherlands 6th says 120, but Id almost come to believe 119. Id offer to measure the one NOS Zeus ring I have, but youve seen my advanced talents in this regard above. (!)

Zeus also did have, 100% certain as I've seen several, a model with 144bcd. Their true Campy clone.

Finally, I offer an image of the minimalist triplized crank actually the only triplized crank I have.
Sorry to belabor the Zeus issue in this thread, but it's been a sore point with me for years. I'm surprised that Sutherlands would get it wrong, but would be more surprised if they made them in both 120 and 119 bcd.

Here is my photographic evidence, taken on a flatbed scanner.

The trig constant to convert distance between adjacent bolts to bcd for a 5 arm crank is 1/sin(36) = 1.7013. Or for a given bcd divide by 1.7013 to get the expected bolt to bolt measurement. Thus:

120mm bcd = 70.53mm bolt to bolt
119mm bcd = 69.95
118mm bcd = 69.36

You can look at the above and see for yourself which it is.

Slightly more on topic, here is my triplized Zeus crank which I drilled for a 58mm bcd granny ring:

I later regretted that I didn't at least attempt to drill and thread the holes blind so they wouldn't show from the outside.
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