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Originally Posted by mikezs View Post
I'm with this guy; don't bother learning to fix or restore bikes, just sit on the couch indoors and you won't even need to ride! Problem solved!

"Polishing a turd", or however you want to put it, is a good way to learn to fix bikes in my opinion, and it's very satisfying to turn a crap bike into a nice one.

What are you having trouble with getting the decals off? If they're just stickers, peel them off by hand and use some sticky goo remover. If they're the metal ones and you don't want to keep them, just pry them off with a screwdriver while protecting the frame. If you want to keep the decals, the best method is to heat them up with a hair-dryer until the glue melts and you can remove them.

They might also be lacquered onto the frame if the bike has a nicer paint job. If this is the case you will have to strip it and re-paint to remove them. This is best done professionally and is quite a bit of work to do well.

Good luck with your project
Thanks mikezs for your positive response, other "neggers" will just be ignored, they ruin great forums like this.

My sentiments exactly, havenīt taken a bike to bits since my early teens so looking forward to getting it road worthy. Everything looks serviceable to me, except the chain maybe, thats yet to be determined.

The decals are not metal, they are like a normal transparent thin plastic type sticker - The thing is that I just canīt budge them, canīt even get my finger under properly so I am guessing after what you said, that they are laquered on in some way. Going to have a closer look a bit later, maybe see if the hair-dryer method changes things.
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