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Originally Posted by TMonk View Post
Ya I feel like alot of the value of public education isn't intellectual or academic, it's social.
+1 a bazillion. Same could be said for college. I suppose I learned some stuff in college but what I really learned was what the "outside world" was like.

Originally Posted by wanders View Post
home schoolers = snake handlers.
One family that I know of has done remarkably well, and they've singlehandledly changed my thoughts on homeschoolilng (i.e. that it's all bad).

But in general I can't see parents having as much education as what's offered in school. It would be a full time job to try and keep up. I know that if I were home schooling kids they wouldn't get much in the way of classic literature, art, etc, because I don't know that stuff.

Granted I went to a very good public school, before gov't tried to grade them. It's a very white bread town - so white bread that a person that lived there for a year wrote a fictional story about the town - The Stepford Wives. But man they have a great school system.

I learned to write in, get this, HISTORY in 6th grade. "I'm officially your US History teacher but I'm going to teach you how to write, using US History as the subject matter." Not exactly what he said on the first day of school but close to it. It seems like we were writing a paper every week, but it was probably every month.

I learned to think about complicated conversion problems in Chemistry in 9th grade. Another teach that said something off-base, like "You're going to learn Chemistry here because that's what you're supposed to learn, but I'm going to teach you how to think."

I consider those two teachers the best I ever had, as far as me learning.

I have a few favorite teachers too because they made me feel important and such but they didn't teach as much as they allowed me to explore a bit.
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