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Hello from Galt California!

I bet most of you are thinking "where the heck is Galt!?". it's ok... a lot of the people from the surounding towns think the same, lol. I'm about 24 miles south of Sacramento... if that helps, lol.

anyway, my cousin and i are trying to get into riding our bikes again. I have an F.S. Elite Cascade Ridge mountain bike (Awesome dark purple paint on it) that i have had for....*pauses to think* 12...years...o.O I figured i'll start with this then when I know I'm going to stick to this i'll spend the money to get at least a decent bike.
I cant find much info on F.S. Elite bikes, but I figure it's a cheap bike, I seem to remember my pairents buying it from sears for me.

we plan to get into better shape and then do some long distance touring. (I plan to buy a new bike before then) He even has a crazy plan to ride from here all the way to Hong Kong China!!!!! yes, I think he said it was about 8700 miles or so going off straight lines and parts of the way had no roads. yep, he is nuts.....

My bike has a Shimano 7 SIS on it. (no idea if that's any good, or cheap... I'm thinking the latter, lol.)

Well, it won't shift to the smallest gear on the front cogs (the derailer for that also says Shimano on it...but thats it :/), any Idea what could be wrong with it?
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