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Yup, you guys are right. This one's Asian, I found "Made in China" stamped on it during disassembly. Although, the componentry is all Falcon and made in Taiwan.

Curious though, it appears to have the same lugged frame and 3 piece crank as the 531 units. Maybe it will also ride as nicely. How does yours ride seedsbelize?

I take back what I said earlier about naval jelly, that stuff WORKS when you use it right. Spent the afternoon de-rusting until I ran out of light. Only have a few small bits left to do.

I'm listening about keeping the costs down. So far the only new parts I've bought it have been cables and housings, shifters (I went with downtube), bar tape (brown-colored, not leather for cost concerns), and pedals. The old pedals were usable but they were pretty shabby looking and seized onto the crank arms. I had them removed at the bike shop and bought a cheap metal set to replace them. The only other thing I'd like to do which will add further cost to this project is to paint it. It seems like such a shame to put all these shiny (and they are VERY shiny) parts on this bike without doing anything for the shabby paint on the frame. I can spray paint well enough but it's more the removal of the old paint I'm worried about. Thoughts?

I'd like for it to have a Brooks saddle too but that's for another day with more coin in the bank.

Anyway, here's today's progress.

Parts. Everywhere.

Falcon rear derailleur. This was already in decent operable shape to begin with, but now it looks absolutely brand new.

Falcon front derailleur. This was a rusty, seized mess. It's now neither rusty nor seized. I plan on putting it back on the bike. You can also see the front brake bracket, which was a rusty mess. Compare it side by side to the rear one which has yet to be de-rusted:

Probably the biggest difference of all. This 3 piece crank was a rusty mess, looks like it just left the factory now.

I like the gearing on this bike. 52/40 chainrings, 14-28t 6 speed freewheel. It'll be just a tiny bit slower than my other bike (52-13) but it'll be easier to get up the hills, too (lowest gear on other bike 42-26).

Lastly, here's the handlebar and brake levers reassembled. They were already in pretty good shape to begin with but the levers were a bit rusty.

All that's left to de-rust is the rear caliper, seatpost, and a retaining nut for the headset. Tomorrow I plan to either do that or start working on cleaning and regreasing hub, BB, and headset bearings.

As I said earlier, I decided to go with downtube shifters just to see what that's all about.

More later.

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